We're funding and founding the future of commerce


We’ve been there before and are still in the game

Collectively we’ve founded, scaled and exited multiple companies in commerce. We understand business building in this space from experience.

  • Sector focus

    Commerce Enablement (software companies that serve brands, retailers and adjacent businesses in the commerce ecosystem)

  • Check size

    $500k - 5M

  • Portfolio construction

    We are building a concentrated portfolio of world class companies

    With every single investment we make, we want to have REAL skin in the game. It is our goal to help increase the probability and magnitude of success for every single portfolio company. We can’t do that effectively with 40 companies. We probably can’t do it with 30 companies. So each fund is focused on investing into 15-20 companies defining the future of commerce. Then, we get to work.

Working together

Here’s how we work with founders

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    Sales / BD

    Introductions, dinners and events. We work and have worked with thousands of brands, hundreds of media companies and dozens of retailers. And we love connecting great people and organizations.

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    Sourcing, interviewing, and selling executive candidates on the opportunity to work together.

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    Crafting the story. Building the model. Developing the list of target investors and timeline. Making introductions. Advising on term sheets.

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    Should you consider inorganic growth? How should you respond to inbound interest? Who are the best advisors for your business?

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    Strategy / BOD Management

    How can you get the most out of your BOD and advisors? What does a healthy relationship with BOD look like?

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    Finance & Operations

    When is it time to scale this part of the org? How much should you invest? What are the right titles, roles and responsibilities?

Our team

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    Ben Faw

    • Founded: BestReviews, AdVon Commerce
    • Operated: Linkedin, Tesla, Tribune Publishing
    • Focuses: Sales / BD, Recruiting
  • photo

    Jonathan Greenglass

    • Founded: Flywheel Commerce, AdVon Commerce
    • Operated: Imgur, LUMA Partners
    • Focuses: Fundraising, M&A, Finance & Ops


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